Welcome to the koliba U černého medvěda

The history of our facility dates all the way back to the middle of the last century when a real Wallachian chalet was built, situated at the edge of the woods of the “Tlustá hora“ Mountain with a panoramic view of Zlín. The beginning of the 90’s was marked by a fire, followed by a vast reconstruction period between 1991 – 1993.

Hotel Pension and accommodations Zlín

Currently, the chalet offers pleasant accommodations in seven double rooms and two suites, comfortably furnished with a mini-bar, TV, satellite, internet, Wi-Fi, etc.

Restaurant Zlín

The restaurant offers a remarkable culinary experience of traditional as well as world specialties prepared on an open fire, a stylish environment for gala occasions and an unforgettable atmosphere during our regular evenings with live music. Still close to the city center, known for the quality of its services and its quiet environment in nature, the hotel pension is a place of frequent visits by many political and cultural VIP guests.

You do not have to search anymore for the right place for a joyful meeting with friends, romantic dinner by a fireplace, important business meeting, family reunion, or a corporate event. Please accept our invitation to this architecturally unique building of the Black Bear Chalet.

We are looking forward to your visit.
Black Bear Chalet